The Argam Ayvazyan Digital Archive

In 2015, the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, The Australian Catholic University and The State Library of New South Wales have established the Argam Ayvazyan Digital Archive: almost 2000 photographs of Julfa cemetery from black & white negatives, slides, cross-processed film, printed photographs, printed cross-colour and black & white photographs, written notes and other documents.

This collection represents more than 25 years of Argam Ayvazyan’s efforts to document the Julfa cemetery, at great risk to his own safety, for the benefit of all Armenians. Without Ayvazyan’s collection this project would have been impossible.

High resolution images and documents will be available from The State Library of New South Wales from November 2016. More images will be available on this site as we scan them.

It is important to note that the Argam Ayvazyan collection includes photographs taken by Aram Vruyr and others. It also contains images of the destruction of Julfa cemetery by soldiers in 2006, taken by an Armenian Bishop from the Iranian side of the Arax river. To request citation details, or high resolution copies, please contact our project.

Screen resolution images from the Argam Ayvazyan Archive


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  1. A wonderful project! As a descendent of Zohrab of the Manucharian clan, born circa 1580 and among those transported to New Julfa, I am most interested in the research, although we lost our Armenian language many generations ago.

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