Research Team

Core research team:

Dr Judith Crispin
Chief Investigator, Director of Academic & Creative Research
Photography & Sound design
( Australian Catholic University, Manning Clark House)

Prof. Harold Short
Chief Investigator, Director of Technological Research
Digital Humanities Research
(Australian Catholic University, Kings College London)

Kimmo Vennonen
Sound Design
(University of Canberra)

Dr Drew Baker
3D visualisation
(Australian Catholic University)

Prof. Hamlet Petrosyan
Armenian Culture
(Yerevan State University)

Prof. Dickran Kouymjian
Armenian Culture
(California State University)

Research Assistants:
Ms Dione McAlary
Mr Vicken Babkenian
Mr Simon Maghakyan
Mr Ben Willson
Ms Marianna Harutyunyan
Ms Lilit Minasyan
Ms Greer Versteeg

Advisors, photographers and other contributors:
Father Shahe Ananyan
Armenian Apostolic Theology
(Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin)

Bishop Haigazoun Najarian
Armenian Apostolic Theology
(Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection Sydney)

Prof. James Haire
(Charles Sturt University)

Prof. Armin Grun
(University of Zurich)

Mr Stephen Marshall
Photography & Preservation
(Ballarat International Biennale)

Mr Michael Silver
Photography & Preservation
(Magnet Galleries Melbourne)

Mr Argam Aivazian
Historical photographs
(Independent Scholar, Armenia)

Mr Zaven Sargsyan
Historical photographs
(Sergei Parajanov Museum in Yerevan)

Mr Hayk Demoyan
Armenian Political History
(Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan)

Mr Varazdat Hambardzumyan
History & Practice of Khachkar craftsmanship
(Varpet Khachkar Studio, Yerevan)

Progress Reports:

3D Exhibitions:



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