First Immersive 3D Exhibition

The Julfa Cemetery project has created its first immersive 3D exhibition, showing 15 extant monuments – 13 khach’k’ars, 1 ram stone and 1 tombstone.  This reconstruction is based on data collected in a recent field trip to Armenia, Iran and Georgia. The data includes 3D scans plus film and digital photographs of the monuments, 3D sound recordings – environmental and liturgical, and digital photographs of the Julfa environment, captured along the River Arax as close as possible to the Julfa site.
 The exhibition offers a ‘soft projection room’ for a shared cemetery experience by up to 15 visitors, plus a psuedo-hologram to enable visitors to view individual khach’k’ars in much greater detail.

Exhibition and Colloquium, Rome, September 2016.

The Julfa Cemetery project presented its first immersive 3D exhibition at the former Soap Factory, in Rome’s Garbatella district, in September.  It featured both ‘soft room’ projection for shared experience and ‘pseudo-hologram’ for close viewing of individual khach’k’ars.  The exhibition ran over 3 days, and was very favourably received by a large number of visitors, mainly drawn from Rome’s Armanian diaspora community.
Associated with the exhibition was a colloquium, featuring presentations by Argam Ayvazyan, without whose photographic archive (link to that section) the project would not be feasible, and Professor Hamlet Petrosyan, whose expertise, scholarship and generous enthusiasm have been of enormous help to the project.
Further information about the Rome events can be found here.

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