Index of names

At the time of its destruction, Julfa cemetery honoured the remains of more than 10,000 people. Those people are still buried in Julfa’s ground, though no khachkars or tombstones hold their memories. The Julfa Cemetery Digital Repatriation Project will recreate the 2000 stones of Julfa’s medieval cemetery, but without photographic records, it is impossible for us to recover all 10,000 grave markers from the greater part of the cemetery.

During the course of this project we would like to create a complete list of every person buried at Julfa cemetery. As far as we know, no such list exists and the grave markers lie in rubble at the bottom of the Araz river. So we are turning to the Armenian community for help. If someone from your family was buried at Julfa cemetery we would like you to send us their name. Over time the list will grow. As we restore khachkars from the old cemetery we will also add their names to the list. It may not be possible to honour the memory of every person buried at Julfa cemetery but we are going to make the attempt.

If someone from your family history, or from your community, was buried at Julfa cemetery, please send us their name (in Armenian and English if possible) and any other information, using the form below.

List of names – the Armenian cemetery at Julfa


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